“Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.”

- Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia)

"Om Server" is created on similiar principles to bridge the digital divide created due to no access to internet and let best of the wisdom reach to every possible corner on this globe.

Offline learning material

Offline access to best of the educational content without the internet at a lightning speed.

Connectivity to all

Free and open access to any WiFi device, access, so other devices can connect.

DIY Administration

Ready to use and administer. Simple interface to manage your eContent.

Extensible and Flexibile

Freely and openly customizable for high end use cases.

Child Safe Surfing

Well curated content as well for childern to focus on learning. In build child safety when connected to internet

Content Portfolio

Om Server hosts variety of content virually for everyone's need and interest. It's portfolio of content will keep you fully engaged and wanting for more.

eBooks in Hindi and English

Stories, textbooks, litrature

Wikipedia in Hindi and English

Wikipedia, Wikiquotes, Wikispicies

TED Talks

Ideas Worth Spreading

Toys from Trash - Arvind Gupta

Learning Science by Experiments

Khan Academy

Maths Video Lectures

Quiz Academy

Your Buddy in Study


Educational Content by NCERT

PHET Simulations

Laboratory in Computer

Open Educational Resource

Much More Open Educational Content

Case Study

eGyankendra - Sunel ( ई ज्ञानकेंद्र - सुनेल )


Ready to use solutions to suit various scenaio.

Om Server Mini

Mobile & Pocket Solution

Carry your world of offline knowledge in your pocket as bootable pen drive or SD card. Can make your simplest hardware into a powerful server. Tested with Raspberry Pi 3.

Om Server HD

Home Server and Smart Class Solution

Heavyduty knowledge server build on best of hardware platform like Intel NUC. Build to provide your children a safer access to best of internet knowledgebase offline or must have offline learning aid for smart classes.

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Community Knowledge Server

We help local governance in seting up e-Libraries for the assorted learning needs of people in a locality. Access to Om Server is given through wider wifi signal range. Write to us for enquiry.

Let’s Enter Into Open World Knowledge Exchange


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